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Timer and Track Technical Support

If you have a problem with one of our products contact:

Emergency 24 hour cell phone support:
859-380-3882 - Ask for Stuart Ferguson

888-693-3729 Ask for Ian Ferguson

Other Problems:

Timer Troubleshooting:
There are more trouble shooting questions and answers on the FAQ page. Please read the FAQ if you are having trouble communicating with the computer.
My Timer shows a - .
A '-' means that the timer is not getting enough light. Make sure the sensors mounted in the top are pointed straight down. They may be gently bent into position until they are aimed properly.
My timer won't display a time or a - , it just shows 0.
This means it is getting too much light. Usually the timer is not mounted on the track and light is getting in through the bottom of the timer.
What does the button on the Laser Gate do?
The laser gate has to be reset to work. Every time the cars break the infrared beam it will need to be reset before the cars go down the track again. That button is the gate reset button.
My computer won't receive times from the timer.
A. Most problems we see with the serial port are with the receiving computer. There are many things that can block your serial port from working. Try the suggestions below:
1) PDA software is running. The icon for the PDA is down by the clock on the left bottom of the screen. Close any PDA software and try again.
2) IR port enabled. I think you can disable the IR port in the control panel.
3) Internal modem is on COM-1. Open FUNterm.exe for COM-1 and type AT. If you get back "OK" then you have an internal modem on COM-1. Maybe the serial port should be COM-2 but is disabled.
4) On some computers the default setting of the COM port is disabled to save power. IBM ThinkPad's do that. You will need to read the owners manual to find out how to enable it.
5) try another computer.

If it is not the computer, you can tell if the timer's serial port is working by putting an LED across pins 2 and 5 of the nine-pin serial connector. The LED will glow if the LED leads are put in one way and the LED will not light if the LED is put in the other way. Once you verify that the LED comes on, then reverse the leads so that the LED is off. With the LED off, trip each lane. When the last lane is tripped the LED should flash. If the LED flashes, then the serial port on the timer is working.

You can also test the cable with the LED by plugging the cable into the timer and then checking the LED at the other end of the cable - just like you did with the timer.
You can get an LED at Radio Shack for about $2. The Radio Shack part number is 276-307 or 276-309 (about a dozen other LED's they have will work). You can see them at by entering the part number.